HTML versioning eliminated

The working group for HTML has done away with version numbers for the Web page rendering standard. The decision comes just after the W3C (World Wid

Google jumps into ‘Do Not Track’ debate with Chrome add-on

A day after Mozilla said it was exploring a "Do Not Track" feature for Firefox, Google today announced a Chrome add-on that lets users opt out of trac

Microsoft financials buoyed by gaming, office software

Microsoft tallied US$19.95 billion in revenue for the quarter ending Dec. 31, a record second-quarter high for the company, it said Thursday. Howev

Overeating or dieting affects the life

Overeating or dieting affects the life, therefore, always take balance diet in a balance quantity. A balanced diet comprising of diverse and healthy f

Bryan Adams to rock Nepal Gig scheduled for February 20, 2011

KATHMANDU: It looks like the coming year will begin on a high note for music fans — the one and only Bryan Adams is to perform in Nepal in 2011. At


The scientists have discovered a strange bacteria that can use arsenic as its nutrients. This discovery has widen the scope of finding new forms of of

How Obama is threatening social security.

Writing in the NATION William Greider points out that Obama's tax compromise not only gives a 700 billion dollar tax break to billionaires but has an

Swedish Police Leak May Clear Assange

Julian Assange's Swedish lawyer says he has seen police documents that show his client is being framed. "From what I have read, it is clear that the w