About me

I always critically examine my behavior, thoughts and activities. If anything is found to be incorrect, i will change it or make a proposal to improve it. If i decided to do some thing, i do it even if it were about a difficult task. I do not like to get money and fame by just any means; i feel it should be in the way it is meant to be. I like activities, which benefits other people. I like straightforward activities rather than devious or under ground operations. I will fully face problems in public activities; my non-selfish nature in public activities attracts more followers.

Name : Suraj Rai

Date of Birth : 8th Nov,Sikkim, India

Zodiac: Leo

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 73 -77 Kg

Blood Group: O+ve

Acedemy : SLC 2058, +2   2061 , Bachelor 2064.

Computer Sikills :

Diploma in Videography 2007

Diploma in Multimedia 2006

Diploma in Webpage Designing 2003

Diploma in Graphic Designing 2002

Diploma in Software Engineering 2000

Current Status :

Technical Director : Saujanya Media Pvt. Ltd.

IT Counsultant : Saptarangi Turst Nepal

Sub-Admin: www.soluonline.com

As Video Editor:

Platform @ NTV every Wednesday 5:30 pm onward – Running

Infoplus @ Kantipur every Satudrday 10:30 Am onward -Running

Orbit Time @ NTV Plus every Sunday 7 pm onward – Running

Samayojan @ NTV

Infocus @ Images Channel

As Web Designer






and other websites

As Graphic Designer


Hording Board

Many Audio and CD Album

Many Books

Book Let,. Bruchers

Many more…

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